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The Key for Happiness at your Sweet Home-Scientific Plantation (Vrikshayurveda)


An evidence based very rare untold story of Vrikshayurveda


Vrikshayurveda means the science of plant life. It is a century old science and might be the first ever book on horticulture deals with the

  1. Detection of underground water.

      2. Spacing between trees.

       3. Methods of propagation preparation of pits for planting.

      4. Seed treatments, nourishment, protection

And many other relevant information regarding good agricultural practice.

The books available on vrikshayurveda enlisted below:


Vrikshayurveda Texts

Chakrapani Mishra (Courtier) (1577 AD)


Sarangadhara (Courtier) (1283–1301 AD)


Varahamihira (Scholar) (505–581 AD)

Brhat Samhita

Surapala (Physician) (c. 1000 AD)


Someshvardeva (King) (1131 AD)


Chavundaraya (Scholar, poet) (1025 AD)


Basavaraja of Keladi (King) (1698– 1725 AD)


Which Plant Should to Keep at Home ?

Above mention texts not only discuss about sound process for agriculture  but also the utility of plantation of particular tree in any one’s home is also mentioned.

Some examples are there:

Plant/ Tree

Positive Effect

Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum)

The owner of the house enjoy the reward for his place in twelve thousand years in Vaikuntha (Lord Vishnu Dham)

Bilva (Aegle marmelos)

The person attains the graceful and affectionate close association of Lord Siva, and the goddess Laksmi gracefully stay there at her home.

Asvatta (Ficus religiosa)

The person attains graceful association of Shri-Lord Vishnu.


(Emblica officinalis)

The person achieves fruitful advantage of pledge for celibacy (brahmacharya).

Nimba (Azalirachta indica)

The person attains good intelligence and high religious thinking.

Amra (Mangifera indica)

Person who plants five to six trees of amra, ever enjoy happiness and pleasure like the God.

Udumbara (Ficus glomerata)

Person who plants eight udumbara trees attains chandraloka and enjoy divine happiness there.

Palasa (Butea monosperma)

Person who plants seven trees of palasa attains Brahmaloka and enjoys divinity.

Plaksha (Ficus lacor)

Person who plants four trees of plaksha piously enjoys the punya phala of performing Rajasuya yajna.

Direction for Plantation ( Auspicious vs Inauspicious)

One may not be getting the fruitful effects of plant mention in the section before, even it may causes the bad effect if the plantation is not done following the auspicious way as per sastra. Acharya Surapala strictly mentioned the directions for plantation of particular plant in one’s residency:

Plant /Tree



Udumbara (Ficus glomerata)


Subha (Auspicious)

Asvatta (Ficus religiosa)


Subha (Auspicious)

Asvatta (Ficus religiosa)


Asubha (Inauspicious)

Plaksha (Ficus lacor)


Asubha (Inauspicious)

Nyagrodha (Ficus bengalensis)


Asubha (Inauspicious)

Udumbara (Ficus glomerata)


Asubha (Inauspicious)

Ultimate Mantra (Formula) for getting the Best out of Scientific planatation (Vrikshayurveda)

Acharya Surapala indicates a formula with very common trees to express the significance of tree plantation and end up the chapter Taru mahima

1 Aswattha+1 Chinchika+3 Amalaki+1 Nimba+3 Kapittha+5 Amra+1 Nyagrodha+3 Vilva-

The person does not see the gate of hell!!


  1. Sadhale Nalini. (Tr.) 1996. Surapala’s Vrikshayurveda (The Science of Plant Life by Surapala).
  2. Agri-History Bulletin No. 1. Asian Agri-History Foundation, Secunderabad 500009, India.

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