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Aswagandha The Indian Ginseng: A therapeutically Safer & commercially viable more potent medicine than famous Chinese drug Ginseng : An evidence based market review

Aswagandha the Indian Ginseng

Scope of Indian Herbal exporters in International Market

Aswagandha is a very potent ayurvedic medicine. It has been widely used by the ayurvedic ancestors in single or in a compound formulation also. Gingseng is a very popular herb. It is having immunomodulatory, aphrodisiac like effect which are very similar to the actions of Aswagandha the indian ginseng . Researchers found that in comparison with different actions Aswagandha is superior to Gingseng.

But due to gingseng’s popularity and commercial branding it became more expensive than aswagandha. Whereas aswagandha is more abundantly available drug in Indian market and even more safe in comparison to Gingseng.

Aswagandha -Indian Ginseng
Aswagandha The Indian Ginseng


In this study the comparative data of aswagandha and gingseng has been published based on various scientific report. This will surely aware the researchers and the marketer to draw their interest in aswagandha and will make its cultivation in a more rational way to boost up the medicinal plant supply market of India in international market.

Aswagandha the Indian Ginseng vs Chinese Gingseng : Safety perspective








1-6 g

1-2 g

Therapeutic window

Comparatively wider

Comparatively narrow



Contraindicated with pregnant woman in Europe and USA

Strictly contraindicated with pregnant woman


Aswagandha the Indian Ginseng vs Chinese Gingseng : Therapeutic efficacy




Clinical study


1)    57% increase in sperm motility

1)    30 % increase in sperm motility


2)    167% increase in sperm count ((D. Langade et al.,2013)

2)    58% increase in sperm count

(Lee HY et al., 1988).


Benefits of Ashwagandha

Aswagandha the Indian Ginseng vs Chinese Gingseng : Market value




Market Consumption (Yearly)

7000 tons  from India

44,749 tons from China



$20-$30/ per pound

$450-$650/ per pound

The above study report found superiority of aswangandha over gingseng in every aspect.

In a nutshell Aswagandha the Indian Ginseng  is more safe, therapeutically active, convenient in dosage form and reasonable in price in comparison with gingseng.

Medicinal plant trader and government should take necessary steps to grab the opportunity.


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