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Respiratory Problems – The Best Ayurvedic solutions

treat respiratory disorder

Respiratory disorders are a broad term covering a range of respiratory problems. Allergy, cough, common cold etc. become a very household name. The kids are affecting so much due to increasing pollution day by day.

The treatment guideline are mentioned as per ayurvedic principles.

Anti-allergic treatment for respiratory problems


respiratory allergy
Respiratory allergy

Ayurvedic treatment for respiratory diseases Haldi (Curcuma longa L.), Neem (Azadirachta indica A.Juss) and Guggul [Commiphora mukul (Stocks) Hook] are some precious herbs provided to the patients in form of capsules and herbal formulations which not just fights with any kind of allergies but also cure the part which gets affected by that allergy.

Ayurvedic Expectorant and mucolytics


Breathing problems most often occurs due to the blockage created by excess mucus and cough. So, some herbs like Shirish, Anant mool, Bharangi, Dalchini, Tulsi, Piplee, Kanth Kari along with natural honey are very useful in this case. These herbs dissolve the mucus and phlegm stored inside the airways & throat, and throws it away from the body so that they can’t cause any further problem.

Benefits of Dalchini as Expectorant
Benefits of Dalchini as Expectorant

Blood purifier for Patients with Respiratory Disorder

The mucus and phlegm which get stored inside the respiratory organs and the impurities which enters the body through inhalation of polluted air or through smoking creates toxins inside the body which causes serious problems not just in form of breathing diseases but also to the other parts of the body as these toxic substances get mixed with the blood, make it impure and this impure blood leads to disastrous health problems. So, Ayurvedic treatment for respiratory diseases is done through special herbs like Neem and Manjistha are provided to the patients to remove toxins from the body and kill the root cause of the problem.

Manjishtha as a Blood Purifier

Immunity booster and rejuvenating herbs for Respiratory disorder patients

Cold & cough makes us feel very tired, inactive and generates pain in the body. It also weakens the immune system by producing toxins. So, it is very essential to have something to strengthen the body immune system again. Ayurvedic treatment for respiratory diseases considers this thing very seriously and uses various immune modulator herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Shilajit and Guduchi which does the internal healing of the body and refreshes it for active action.

Benefits of Aswagandha
Benefits of Aswagandha

Deep Ayurveda has following patented medicines which are very useful herbal formulations to cure the respiratory problems. Following classical medicines are also very effective in solving breathing related issues, like, Talishadi Churn, Sitopaladi Churn, Kaphketu Rasa, Kashkuthar Rasa, Laxmi vilas Rasa, etc.

Panchakarma treatments like Abhyangam (body massage) Swedan (steam bath) Nasyam Dhoompan are important therapeutic measurements.

Here categorically the treatment guideline is directed for awareness. For details you may contact with us. Stay updated and tuned from the Lap of Mother Nature: www.himaayush.com

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