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arthritis diet plan

There’s no special diet plan which can cure your arthritis . An Arthritis diet plan is a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent yourself from damaging your joint more and you can a regular life.

Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle gives you strength to fight back with deadly diseases like covid-19.

Important points to consider if you are an arthritis patient:

a. Intake plenty of Omega-3
b. Drink lot of water
c. Maintain your weight and be active
d. Intake all required vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients. (Don’t intake too much of vitamin A because it can have a serious side effect.)

What should you do to have Omega-3 in your Arthritis Diet Plan?

For arthritis patient, it is suggested to have a Mediterranean style diet which contains Omega-3 which is very beneficial for arthritis patients.
Mediterranean diet includes:
• Oily Fishes( Sardines & Salmon)
• Linseeds oil and flaxseed oil.
• Canola oil
• Walnuts
• Foods rich in Omega 3

Benefits of Mediterranean Diet :

Mediterranean diet is one of the best arthritis diet plan

a. It lowers the blood pressure
b. Protects from chronic conditions
c. Helps to reduce inflammation
d. It is beneficial for both joint & heart
e. It also helps to lose weight.

How can you maintain your weight and be active?

There are many exercises which help you to reduce weight if you are over weighted. Exercises also help you to be active.
If you want to learn which exercise you should do if you are an arthritic, watch out this video.


How can you intake all essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients?

Make fruits and vegetables as a important part of your life as they are rich nutrients and vitamins which helps to fight various problems in your body or rather than Mediterranean diet, you can also try VEGETARIAN diet plan recommended by experts and naturopaths, to reduce the discomfort you are having from joint pain or any type of arthritis.

Vegetarian Diet Plan for Arthritis:

1. Till 12pm, try to eat only fruits. (variety of fruits)

QUANTITY: (Your body weight * 10) gm

2. Must eat lot of salad while having lunch/dinner.

QUANTITY: (Your body weight * 5) gm

3. Eat soaked nuts/sprouts.

QUANTITY: (Your body weight) gm

4. Avoid Non vegetarian and dairy products, as their substances trigger the inflammation.
5. Stop taking medicines of Blood Pressure/ Diabetes and Cholesterol if you are following this diet plan.

Also you need to be careful about which food you should not intake while suffering from arthritis. For that you can refer to this video. 

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